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Cannes: a weak year (Todd McCarthy)

Following 'A Prophet' and 'Rust and Bone,' Jacques Audiard delivers another distinctive drama with this portrait of a family forged out of necessity, trading one war for another.

The call for an epic party in order to raise money to save one of the last independent businesses in the neighborhood from becoming a soulless chain.

Mike Leigh is one of few filmmakers who could say something like, “Given the choice of Hollywood and poking steel pins in my eyes, I’d prefer steel pins” without suggesting even a hint of hyperbole.

They’re feel-bad experiences that have felt worse with each “sequence.” Give them no oxygen, and they’ll die.

Some lower-key efforts like the Sundance favorite Me And Earl And The Dying Girl and David Gordon Green’s Manglehorn make their way into the mix, but otherwise, Summer is all about big movies. Will they be any good?

I have suffered a lot in watching many films because of that," he says.

Ukranian director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy's "The Tribe" has no spoken dialogue whatsoever, but that doesn't stop it from making a bold and provocatively loud statement.

It was shut down in Nikki Finke's lucrative settlement (she got to keep her condo) with Variety and Deadline publisher Jay Penske, with whom she's back in touch. She can't report on Hollywood for anyone.

Martin Scorsese's Classic Getting 4K Remastered Blu-Ray Release

The opening sequence of Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now is a masterclass in film editing.